04.01.15 Study Hall Research ends Q1 2015 with quarterly revenues up 59% vs. year ago; other business markers show similar gains

Study Hall Research today reported quarterly revenues increased by 59% versus corporate revenues for the same period one year ago.


02.02.15 Study Hall Research starts 2015 on strong positive note; January revenues up 81% vs. year ago, 49% of quarterly revenue goal contracted in 31 days
Study Hall Research today reported an exceptionally strong business finish for January 2015, with significant increases in January revenues vs. the same period in 2014, and with strong performance against Q1 revenue goals for 2015. | READ MORE |

12.31.14 Study Hall Research ends CY2014 with annual revenues up 28.7%, client contracts up 32.1% vs. CY2013; closes year of milestones and holiday season by contributing to global education charity to thank clients
Study Hall Research today reported a strong business finish for CY2014, with increases in annual revenues, Q4 revenues and executed contracts. Heading into the end of the firm’s fifth year of business, Study Hall also reports a strong outlook for Q1 2015. | READ MORE |

11.06.14 Study Hall Research ends Q3 2014 with quarterly revenue up 48.6% vs. year ago; annual revenues up 67% vs. 2013
Study Hall Research finished Q3 2014 after signing a new contract every 3 days in September. As a result, corporate revenue for the quarter is up 48.6% vs. the same quarter in 2013, and annual revenues are up 67.4% vs. Q1-3 2013. | READ MORE |

10.30.14 Study Hall Research principals tapped for keynote presentation to SMPS
Study Hall Research principals Rob Iles and Rodney Kayton were the keynote speakers at the recent Tampa meeting of SMPS, the Society for Marketing Professional Services. | READ MORE |

09.01.14 Exceptionally strong August ends with 15 new engagements in 31 days and Study Hall Research revenues up 34 percent vs. year ago
Study Hall Research moves toward the end of Q3 2014 after signing a new contract every 2 days in August. As a result, corporate revenue is up 34% vs. the first 8 months of 2013. | READ MORE |

08.22.14 Study Hall Research announces property acquisition and move to new corporate headquarters
Study Hall Research has completed the acquisition and renovation of new corporate headquarters in South Tampa and has moved the company to its new address effective this week. | READ MORE |

07.07.14 Survey Magazine names Study Hall founding partner one of 12 top North American qualitative moderators

Survey Magazine has named Study Hall Research founding partner Rob Iles as one of 12 top North American qualitative moderators in its 2014 listing of Who's Who Among Focus Group Moderators.


06.30.14 Study Hall Research ends Q2 with double-digit increases in contracts and revenues vs. 2013
Tampa (FL) based Study Hall Research has ended the first two quarters of 2014 with double-digit increases in client contracts and revenues over the same period one year ago. | READ MORE |

06.09.14 Study Hall Research attends 2014 MRA ISC
Study Hall Research consulting staff attended the 2014 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference (ISC) from 4-6 June in Chicago. | READ MORE |

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