Our Guiding Principles

We are far more than a research firm.
We are an insights, strategy and research consultancy-committed to helping clients learn more about their brands,
customers and communications.
We are a group of seasoned research, marketing and advertising professionals.
But--for us--'seasoned' does not = 'complacent.' We know research. But we know strategy too—and are highly skilled at marrying the two for clients’ benefit.

We believe that research and fun can coexist, without sacrificing integrity, process or discipline.
And we believe clients should find research interesting, valuable and engaging. We believe clients should get what they pay for: expertise, insights, intelligence, education and guidance.
And we believe superior client service is an integral part of all we do. We believe every client is unique and different.
Which is why our work is 100% custom.
We do not sell ‘prepackaged’ research or insights programs.
And we start every engagement from the ground up.
We do not believe in 'good.' 
We only believe in 'great.'

We are passionate about what we do.
And we believe our passion should be contagious to clients.