Study Hall Core Offerings

Our core team of insights consultants and strategists has more than 75 years of experience in research, advertising and marketing—working all over the planet, with some of the biggest brands on earth. As a result, we bring an incredibly seasoned and broad perspective to client services, as well as a strong measure of creativity in all our research solutions.

Our success is based on two things, really:

  1. Designing and deploying custom brand and communication research programs that result in deeper levels of client education about brands, products, consumers, and the environments in which all three coexist.
  2. Using that knowledge to develop brand, communications or business strategies that reflect the research learning.

Study Hall does not offer a single ‘prepackaged’ anything. All of our initiatives are custom-built from the ground up, meaning they are completely tailored to each client’s issues and challenges. There are no cheat sheets and no copying here! Our commitment is to each individual client and engagement—with a level of superior customer service that starts with (surprise surprise) what you need, not what we think you need. Including:

> Qualitative Research
> Quantitative Research
> Brand & Communications Strategy Development
> Litigation Research
> Hispanic & Multi-Cultural Research
> Brainstorming & Idea Generation
> Global research
> QuickStudy® online research
> Field Management